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Working with Entecho


18 November, 2008

Entecho is a small Australian company based in Perth specialising in flight technology that enables a form of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).


This technology has the potential to provide significant capability to ADF operations across a large number of mission scenarios. The core flight technology applies to manned and un-manned vehicles, from a micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to multi-person transportation craft, and can therefore be configured to meet many diverse operational needs.

Entecho has had an ongoing relationship with Defence, and in particular, DSTO. This relationship has proved invaluable as both a means to build the company’s knowledge of how to work effectively with the Department and also guide aspects of its technology development towards the Defence sector.

Through its interactions with DSTO and the Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program, Entecho has been able to develop and showcase their cutting edge technology with the goal of one day significantly increasing the capability of Australia’s Defence Forces.

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