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Land Warfare Conference 2012: Potent Land Force for a Joint Maritime Strategy

Further Information

Conference theme

The theme for 2012 Land Warfare Conference: Potent Land Force for a Joint Maritime Strategy.

The conference committee will be looking for papers that focus the program on the latest developments in Land Warfare methods and systems. Abstracts of papers for oral or poster presentation can be submitted in any of the listed categories. 

Abstracts of papers that may appeal to the conference, but do not necessarily fit completely within any of the categories, may still be submitted for consideration.

Areas of special interest include:

  • Combat Vehicle Systems
  • Urban combat
  • The Army Objective Force 2030
  • The Army in the Deeper Future
  • Counter terrorism/counter insurgency
  • Countering IEDs and mines
  • Contemporary conventional warfare
  • Rapid insertion of technology
  • Information and knowledge management