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  1. MAGIC 2010: Super-smart robots wanted for international challenge 8 November, 2010

    MAGIC 2010  an international event

    The Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO) in Australia and the Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) in USA are taking the lead in organising MAGIC 2010.

  2. TTCP Defence Human Systems Symposium 2010 17 May, 2010

    Application of Human Factors in Defence

    An international symposium addressing Human Systems with a particular focus on Work Analysis, Teams and Anthropometrics.

  3. International line-up of experts for DSTO symposium at Pacific 2010 27 January, 2010

    The latest in maritime security will be found at PacSec 2010

    A sterling cast of experts in maritime technology from the USA, UK and Australia have presented their programs at the Maritime Defence Technology Symposium - a PACSEC event at PACIFIC 2010.