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Graduate and Post-graduate Recruitment

DSTO will not be running a graduate campaign in 2013.

You will enjoy challenging projects
You will enjoy challenging projects

We are currently looking at some new initiatives for engaging graduates and hope to have some more information available on our website in the near future.

DSTO staff enjoy challenging projects, a supportive team environment, family-friendly work conditions, generous super and long term career support through continuing education and professional development.

We employ motivated people who have (or are currently working toward) undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications with strong academic achievement, proven research skills or relevant experience and well developed communication skills in disciplines related to DSTO's broad areas of work


Broad Areas of Work

Human, Social and Health Sciences:  Bio-technology, Operations/Simulation, Food Science, Behavioural and Social Science, Environmental Science, Biological Sciences, Physiology & Biomechanics.

Physical Sciences:  Physics, Chemistry (including energetic materials), Electronic Warfare, Materials Science, Optoelectronics, Radar Technology, Sonar Technology, Instrumentation & Control, Evaluation & Experimentation & Acoustics.

Engineering & Technology:  Aeronautical/Aerospace, Aircraft Structures, Electrical/Electronic, Flight Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical, Microwave, Robotics, Weapons Systems/Eng, Systems Eng and Integration, Naval Architecture & Materials Engineering.

Information, Computing & Communications:  Artificial Intelligence & Agents, Information Technology, Communications, Computing/Mathematical, Computing/Programming, Signal Processing, Software Engineering & Telecommunications.

Mathematics:  Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Numerical Simulation/Modelling & Analysis.

In addition to the above broad areas of work, DSTO engages in Operations Research (OR). Operations Researchers utilise skills from variety of disciplines (including physical, social and management sciences) to support decision making and capability development within Defence. 

To find out more about the kinds of work you could be undertaking in DSTO, refer to the fact sheets found under Attachments on the right hand side of this page.


Citizenship Requirements

Applicants must be Australian citizens or eligible and willing to apply for citizenship.  Further information is available from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


Employment Conditions

The terms and conditions of employment are defined in the Defence Collective Agreement 2012-2014.  These can be discussed in detail during the latter stages of the recruitment process.   In addition to these attractive terms and conditions, there are many benefits of working at DSTO.


Other Employment Opportunities

Graduates and post-graduates who are currently looking for positions may also find opportunities under DSTO’s list of current vacancies.

For further information or questions about DSTO’s Graduate and Post Graduate Recruitment Program contact Miguel at: